Saturday, October 15, 2005

Autumn Is Here!

Today is a splendidly, cool, crisp day, just the kind we associate with autumn and it's been a long time coming to my part of the country! Summer just doesn't want to give up. Now, I know that makes many people very happy, but I'm one of the ones that can't wait for the cooler weather and the nippy nights to snuggle up and knit some more, as a sip a cup of hot tea! Does it get any better than that, I ask, tongue in cheek?

All morning I've been cleaning, UGH, but it must be done. Now I can settle down and do some knitting, but not till I get my butt out there and walk. I haven't walked much all summer because of the intense heat and how much it affects me, but I know I need to add walking to my "low sugar" lifestyle. So why do I dread it so much? I really have a hard time getting myself out the door, but once I finally do, I'm usually glad I did.....go figure!


Mary Anne said...

I like the new blog colours!
I too am an autumn/winter person. Nothing nicer than a walk on a blustery fall day. I hope you enjoy your stroll!
Mary Anne

Martha said...

I'm w/you & the great autumn walks.
Ditto I'm w/you re cleaning - uck.
And I have tagged you - see the 10/18 entry!