Saturday, October 08, 2005

Rainy Saturday

It's been raining heavily since yesterday, with some mighty gusty winds, which always scare me. I don't mind the rain at all, since we really need it, but the high winds have always made me nervous. Ah well, so far, so good!

I worked on my Manos sampler afghan last night and had to rip out 2 rows on a lacey type square....what a bummer! I'm knitting this afghan in 3 strips, 4 squares each strip, and each square with a different pattern. It's turning out nicely, and is lovely yarn to knit with but it's been in the works for quite awhile now, so I'm really glad that I'm nearing the end. Then, I'll wash and block it, and I think I'll try crocheting it together.

G & I went food shopping earlier today and can anyone tell me what happens when we swear we're just going for a few things we need and when we get there it's our list plus more?? G,
(my darling husband) said to me when we were checking out, " I thought we were only getting a few things"??? Oh well, I thank God that we live in a country where we have food available and sometimes I look around the store and feel guilty when I think of all the choices, let alone all the waste that must go on.
I think it's time for some knitting now, so I'll call it an evening. Perhaps I'll work on the afghan or maybe on the Aran baby blanket that's been calling my name for quite some time. I tend to have way too many projects in the wings and I'm trying to finish at least 2 or 3 before starting anything new. It takes some serious discipline , but I'm determined. I always feel so good when I finally do finish a long overdue project.


Amie said...

Look who's already made a second post!!!

The next step is pictures of all your beautiful works!

Keep on bloggin on!

Mary Anne said...


it's so nice to see your official blog! Congratulations.

Mary Anne

JoanM said...

Your blog is going really well. I love the look of your socks.

Sharon said...

Hi Laura and a big welcome to this whole blogging thing and UFOs anonymous. I made the waffle socks, isn't it a great pattern.