Sunday, November 27, 2005

Decorating Time

We had a wonderful time at our son's on Thanksgiving. The meal was sooo scrumptious and we enjoyed lots of laughs all around. The fact that my DIL had her tree up and decorated put us in the mood to come home and let the decorating begin!

Yesterday we put up garlands and some of the bigger items and today was unpacking boxes (and I do mean lots of them). We have way too many decorations and why I've kept them all is a mystery to me. I know many of them have sentimental value but I am going to part with as many as I can force myself to let go. We have a local mission and they could be used and enjoyed by those less fortunate.

I want to put out less decorations and enjoy them more, if that makes any sense. I look around me and find that I really want to pare down so much of what we have. I guess it's just one of those phases in life that as we get a little older, we want to simplify. I know I do!

On the knitting front, it's been a disaster of sorts. I made a lovely garter eyelet scarf using Chamonix and when looking it over after finishing it, I noticed an indentation of one side where I had joined in a new ball of yarn. Naturally, I couldn't just leave it alone, as that would have been way too easy. Instead I fooled around and picked it out and now for some unknown (to me, anyhow) reason, I have 2 separate pieces of scarf at about the mid section with "live" stitches on both sides?????? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! This is going to take a knitter with alot more expertise than I have to sort out, and I just hope and pray I don't have to rip out an entire half.

Not much other news to report but I wanted to check in and hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. Be well until next time,


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Mary Anne said...

hi Laura,
I'm so glad you had a wonderful and festive time at your son's house!

I understand the need for simplicity. I've cut back and given away so much stuff to those who could use it more.

It sounds complicated what you managed with your scarf. I hope you can fix it without too much disaster.
hugs til next time