Tuesday, December 27, 2005

After the Big Day!

Christmas is all over....can you believe it? We had a wonderful day filled with lots of presents, much love and laughter. About 18 family members were here and we all had a wonderful day. :) My son and his wife came up from the seashore and stayed with us for a few days and it was great having them here. They were such a big help with everything and we enjoy each other's company so much, that we fit like hand and glove.

We had tons of food, but you know the old adage, "better to overdo, than to run out of food with 18 hungry people. Since it was Christmas I even dove into the pastries and cookies, which I know I'll regret when I get on the scale, but Christmas only comes once a year, isn't that right?

Now, for the big news!! I GOT A DIGITAL CAMERA, YAY, and my secret santa was my DIL mentioned above..........does it get any better than that? I just finished getting everything up and running and took my first two pictures. By some miracle I managed to get them on here at long last. I know I haven't even scratched the surface of how to enhance my pics, and all the many options that are there that I don't even know how to use yet.

Anyway, here's pictures of a couple pair of socks I finished. The Fair Isle ones were knit with Regia and the blue and green stripes were Fortissima cotton. I used size 3 needles on each pair but when I knit my next pair I'm going down to a size 2 because I think they need to be a bit denser for longer wear. It's amazing how much more comfortable my feet feel when I put a pair of my hand knit socks on rather than store bought. Others don't realize the major comfort difference and maybe that's for the best or I'd be knitting socks for everyone, which would be okay if I didn't have somewhere around 8 or so UFO's floating about!

I hope that all of you had a great Christmas too! Now we can get ready for a brand new year, "with no mistakes in it", as the teacher tells Anne in Anne of Green Gables. May each of you have a healthy, happy 2006!

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