Monday, January 30, 2006

Keeping Me Company :)

While I knit, I usually have one, if not both of my sweet little kitties (2) keeping an eye on things (when they can manage to stay awake). I'm knitting furiously on my entrelac knapsack and I'm down to the last 2 rows of squares, then it's on to felting and assembling. When it's all completed I'll post a picture.

I think I have too many socks going at the toe up on circs, one Opal on dpns, and socks from a kit I bought 3 years ago on dpns. I don't know whether to put 2 pair away and just work on one until I finish, or keep switching back and forth. In any event, at least I'm making progress on my UFO's and that just makes me feel good. I'm the type of person who feels overwhelmed when I have too many things uncompleted, and when it comes to knitting, I really dug myself into a hole. This is the year to rectify that and FINISH, FINISH, FINISH. If I come upon something I know I'm going to hate completing, I will rip it out and use the yarn for another project. However, as I finish each item, I'm feeling such a sense of self satisfaction and pride in my work so this is working out well for me.

I lost another 3 pounds which brings my total up to 12, with another 50 to go, LOL. It's a slow process for me, but you know what they say about the race going to the slow and steady.........I'll be living proof for that one, let me tell you. I've got to start walking though, and on this I procrastinate. Too much to do in a day, and not enough time now, so how am I supposed to fit in walking? Yeah, I know I have to do it so I'm working on it, but any encouragement will be welcome and appreciated.

The weather in my neck of the woods has been warmer than ever for January and I'm not loving that one bit. I like the cold, brisk winter and this year there's not much of it to be had. Next thing I know it'll be summer with heat and humidity when I get hotter than a firecracker and my energy level drops down the tubes. Ahh well, you can't fight Mother Nature, I guess so why try.

Not a lot to say this week so I wish all of you fellow knitters a good February wherever you may be, and lots of yummy wools to well and be happy.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Unfinished Projects!

This is a close up of a Philosopher's Fair Isle which I began knitting in late "2002", and to date,here it sits! It's being knit on circular needles and is about 8" from the top neckline. I stopped here at least a year ago and the number one reason I did so was pure "fear". Yes, I know that's not an emotion one usually associates with knitting but there it is nonetheless.
My fear comes from the fact that this will be the first time I've ever used steeks in a pattern, also the first time I've ever knit a Fair Isle cardigan, so I'm scared to death to cut the dang thing open down the center and I'm not at all sure how to go about picking up for the neckline or the buttonbands. The latter however, will probably work out fine when and if I get to them, but the former is no small potatoes, let me tell you. My common sense tells me that once I actually DO the deed, it will all work out just fine, but then my fear kicks in and says, "hey, you worked on this baby for years and what happens if you ruin it" which point, I place it back into my knitting basket, sleeves and all (oh yes, they're finished as well), and pick up something else.

This is major procrastination on my part, I know, but knowing that doesn't seem to calm my fears. Anyway, if anyone wants to comment who has some words of encouragment, please do so. I will certainly appreciate it. :)
just finished this hat for my nephew who is still wearing the one I made for my brother (his Dad), although he has requested that his be knit in a dark charcoal color because let's face it, at 16 you must be cool and you gotta' have a hat. He's my godson and a great kid so I dove right into this project without so much as a hesitation. I used Jo Sharp DK Tweed and I'm happy with the way it knit up.

I'm also working on the pair of socks with 4 sheep across the leg for MOI, but there are at least 2 other projects that I'm determined to finish which I began some time ago. Is it just me, or are there too many things we all want to knit and only 2 hands to do it with.:)

Until next time, be happy.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Computer Ease

Geez, trying to get pictures uploaded, go into the template and change things around, put preferred links in, none of it is easy peasey, at least not to moi. Eventually after getting help from my more savvy computer pals, I get it done but it takes some serious time.
The above picture is "to be felted" when finished entrelac knapsack. I started this baby in 2002 after buying it at Stitches East as a kit. Learning this technique was quite a challenge but it is one that I've grown to love. I find it mesmerizing and I'm always thinking as I know I should put it down, "just one more square", and so it goes.I feel like I've been spinning my wheels this week and accomplishing nothing in the process. The time flies by and the next thing I know my DH is coming home and then it's dinner time and you all know the rest. I need to get off this computer, I guess and get down to some serious cleaning. Also must go food shopping today not that I mind. I like it actually, just don't care for the unpacking and putting away, but so it goes. One of my 2 cats, Bunny Boy, as we call him is speaking to me as I type and I know he's saying, "hey, how about some attention here, Mommy, it's time to sign off", so until next time, be happy, be safe, and knit on.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Afghan Pics

Here's the afghan and these photos turned out so much better than the former....any comments are welcome!

Pictures, Pictures

Here are the finished Christmas stockings I promised pictures of! I took them before they were given as presents so these pictures are scanned and not from my new (ahhh) digital camera. I'm so happy with the way they turned out and both my DD and my DIL were thrilled with them. It's such a great feeling to see the happy expression when someone opens a hand knit gift and you know instantly that they like it! That makes all the hours of knitting extremely worthwhile.I will get a picture of my completed afghan up soon but first I want to find a way to take a better shot of it. I took one yesterday and it's blurry and doesn't really show the textured squares all that well. Also, I know it won't completely show up because of the darker colors, but I do want to post it here anyway. I love seeing all the completed projects on your knitting blogs too so post it later.Right now I'm working on the Aran baby blanket which I began in May of 2004 and that's just one of my current UFO's. I have a Manos cotton cardigan in various stages of completion, and a Philosopher's Fair Isle cardigan 3/4 finished as well. Then there are 2 pair of socks on the needles, and a pair of gloves using Green Mt. Spinnery's Alpaca Elegance, which are just soooo soft and heavenly. I hope I can get the thumb done better on these than my last pair. I wasn't satisfied with the look of the other ones, but when I showed them to a lady who has knitted for the past 45 years. she said there was absolutely nothing wrong with the thumbs.......that I did a very good job on them! Just goes to show you how critical we tend to be on our own knitting, doesn't it?So, I've got plenty to keep me busy as I'm sure all of you do as well. :) I recently took stock of my yarn stash and wow! was that an eye opener. I won't be buying anymore yarn until I use up at least half of what I have and that should take me into 2008 or so, LOL. Seriously though, I have lovely yarns and realize that it's just plain wasteful not to use them and continue buying more when I don't need to. Yes, that's one of my New Year's resolutions and I'm pretty firm about sticking to it...........I'll keep you posted. Until next time, be safe, be happy, and knit on!