Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Computer Ease

Geez, trying to get pictures uploaded, go into the template and change things around, put preferred links in, none of it is easy peasey, at least not to moi. Eventually after getting help from my more savvy computer pals, I get it done but it takes some serious time.
The above picture is "to be felted" when finished entrelac knapsack. I started this baby in 2002 after buying it at Stitches East as a kit. Learning this technique was quite a challenge but it is one that I've grown to love. I find it mesmerizing and I'm always thinking as I know I should put it down, "just one more square", and so it goes.I feel like I've been spinning my wheels this week and accomplishing nothing in the process. The time flies by and the next thing I know my DH is coming home and then it's dinner time and you all know the rest. I need to get off this computer, I guess and get down to some serious cleaning. Also must go food shopping today not that I mind. I like it actually, just don't care for the unpacking and putting away, but so it goes. One of my 2 cats, Bunny Boy, as we call him is speaking to me as I type and I know he's saying, "hey, how about some attention here, Mommy, it's time to sign off", so until next time, be happy, be safe, and knit on.


Bess said...

Hello hello hello! Finally getting around to posting a comment - and an admiring one, too, about the lovely entreleac bag. Can't wait to see it felted.

Mary Anne said...


your entrelac is lovely and the colours are glorious.

Say hello to Bunny for me!

JoanM said...

Hey Laura,
I have always wanted to try that technique. It looks great - well done. I also love your afgan - what a lot of work. I would never finish such a big project.

Amie said...

It's good to see you have your priorities straight - have to pay proper attention to Bunny Boy!