Monday, January 30, 2006

Keeping Me Company :)

While I knit, I usually have one, if not both of my sweet little kitties (2) keeping an eye on things (when they can manage to stay awake). I'm knitting furiously on my entrelac knapsack and I'm down to the last 2 rows of squares, then it's on to felting and assembling. When it's all completed I'll post a picture.

I think I have too many socks going at the toe up on circs, one Opal on dpns, and socks from a kit I bought 3 years ago on dpns. I don't know whether to put 2 pair away and just work on one until I finish, or keep switching back and forth. In any event, at least I'm making progress on my UFO's and that just makes me feel good. I'm the type of person who feels overwhelmed when I have too many things uncompleted, and when it comes to knitting, I really dug myself into a hole. This is the year to rectify that and FINISH, FINISH, FINISH. If I come upon something I know I'm going to hate completing, I will rip it out and use the yarn for another project. However, as I finish each item, I'm feeling such a sense of self satisfaction and pride in my work so this is working out well for me.

I lost another 3 pounds which brings my total up to 12, with another 50 to go, LOL. It's a slow process for me, but you know what they say about the race going to the slow and steady.........I'll be living proof for that one, let me tell you. I've got to start walking though, and on this I procrastinate. Too much to do in a day, and not enough time now, so how am I supposed to fit in walking? Yeah, I know I have to do it so I'm working on it, but any encouragement will be welcome and appreciated.

The weather in my neck of the woods has been warmer than ever for January and I'm not loving that one bit. I like the cold, brisk winter and this year there's not much of it to be had. Next thing I know it'll be summer with heat and humidity when I get hotter than a firecracker and my energy level drops down the tubes. Ahh well, you can't fight Mother Nature, I guess so why try.

Not a lot to say this week so I wish all of you fellow knitters a good February wherever you may be, and lots of yummy wools to well and be happy.


Martha said...

How lovely to see your furry companions!
Congrats on all the knitting progress you are making & on the pounds that have gone bye-bye.
Way to go, sweets.

Amie said...

What terrific little helpers you have!

When I'm on the couch knitting one of mine is in my lap, and the other is on the back of the couch kicking me in the back of the head!

Dorothy said...

HI Laura,
Thanks for your comment on my blog. I get depressed every Feb, so I'm "used" to it now.

I've added your blog to my favorites, and will read through it later, when I have more time.

Have a good day!