Thursday, January 19, 2006

Unfinished Projects!

This is a close up of a Philosopher's Fair Isle which I began knitting in late "2002", and to date,here it sits! It's being knit on circular needles and is about 8" from the top neckline. I stopped here at least a year ago and the number one reason I did so was pure "fear". Yes, I know that's not an emotion one usually associates with knitting but there it is nonetheless.
My fear comes from the fact that this will be the first time I've ever used steeks in a pattern, also the first time I've ever knit a Fair Isle cardigan, so I'm scared to death to cut the dang thing open down the center and I'm not at all sure how to go about picking up for the neckline or the buttonbands. The latter however, will probably work out fine when and if I get to them, but the former is no small potatoes, let me tell you. My common sense tells me that once I actually DO the deed, it will all work out just fine, but then my fear kicks in and says, "hey, you worked on this baby for years and what happens if you ruin it" which point, I place it back into my knitting basket, sleeves and all (oh yes, they're finished as well), and pick up something else.

This is major procrastination on my part, I know, but knowing that doesn't seem to calm my fears. Anyway, if anyone wants to comment who has some words of encouragment, please do so. I will certainly appreciate it. :)
just finished this hat for my nephew who is still wearing the one I made for my brother (his Dad), although he has requested that his be knit in a dark charcoal color because let's face it, at 16 you must be cool and you gotta' have a hat. He's my godson and a great kid so I dove right into this project without so much as a hesitation. I used Jo Sharp DK Tweed and I'm happy with the way it knit up.

I'm also working on the pair of socks with 4 sheep across the leg for MOI, but there are at least 2 other projects that I'm determined to finish which I began some time ago. Is it just me, or are there too many things we all want to knit and only 2 hands to do it with.:)

Until next time, be happy.


Amie said...

Oh, it's so beautiful, I'd be scared, too! In fact, I'm not generally scared of steeking, but I keep really yearning for a particular kit from Poetry in Stitches, and the only thing that stops me is that it would just be too much for my heart to steek it!

Here's what I would do. Knit a tiny swatch with steeks. Then cut that. That will give you an idea of how this yarn will react. It will allow you to figure out if you want to sew or crochet or any other security devices, or if you can just go for it.

Hang in there. The gods of knitting are with you on this one (it just feels like they're against you because they keep snickering)

Mary Anne said...


your fair isle is gorgeous so far! Can't wait to see the sheep socks.

JoanM said...

Hey Laura, that is a beautiful fair Isle. It would drive me nutty to do that. Visit Michelle (from the UFO blog) at She recently did some steeks. I'm sure she would give you advice

thegabbyknitter said...

Your sweater is very pretty. I hope someday soon to get up the courage to steek my philosopher's wool sweater. I've even gotten as far as pulling it out and grabbing a pair of sissors but just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Mary Anne said...


I'm leaving another comment here because I can't seem to get through to your email addy. I've sent emails from my telus account and hotmail and I have no idea if you are receiving them.

Just so you know I'm trying to keep in touch.