Friday, February 03, 2006

Another Record Breaker!

I've been furiously knitting the Opal sock (one at a time) and I just turned the heel so I should be finished some time next week and when I do I'll post a pic here. Also plugging along on the entrelac bag. I guess I should just put the socks down and finish the gosh darned thing once and for all. I know I'll be happy when I do so, onward. :)
I haven't been doing much reading but I should get back to the 4th in a series of books I began by Jan Karon, the Mitford Series books. I find these books so wholesome and uplifting whenever I pick them up. It feels like I'm being transported to Mitford and having breakfast at the Grille with Percy and Father Tim.

I was looking at Miss Wooly Knits blog earlier today and I'm always so impressed with her pictures and little icons, let alone her knitted things such as the beautiful scarf she just finished. I couldn't help buy ooh and ahh over the little wooden cubbies her husband made for her to store and categorize her yarns and color schemes. I love organizing things but alas, I have no cubbies for my yarns and even if I did, my two cats would have a field day jumping up and snagging each and every skein one at a would be a circus for them and what a good time they'd have, LOL.

Nothing else new to mention so I will say so long for now and remember to take care and knit on!

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