Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Knapsack, Yes! :)

Here it is....the long overdue completed knapsack....what do you think? This is only the second time I've felted anything and it turned out well. I had to put it in the hot water for 3 runs to complete it. Then with the help of my DH we put the gromets in which was a bit of a struggle because the holes which I had knit in for them wanted to meld with their neighbors so it was some tugging and pulling but we got all 10 in. Then it dryed and I attached the strap so I can carry it over my shoulder, or use as a backpack. I love it and realize now that I should have finished it ages ago.

I FINALLY managed to get some links and buttons on my blog and wouldn't have been able to do without the fantastic help from my KR pal, Sharon.....thanks so much for your willingness and hand holding. :)

I made one of these socks quite awhile ago and finally got around to knitting the mate. They were originally for my daughter but she didn't seem too keen on the color, so I will gladly take over where she left off. I use Aurora 8 and it is so great to knit with....wonderful stitch definition and comfy as can be on my feet.

I'm still working on the Opal and Mt. Color socks, and soon perhaps I'll get something on my blog that shows my completion level on the projects I'm working on. Sharon has this on hers and I think it's a neat idea. This way whenever I look at it I can remind myself that I need to get with my knitting on a certain thing that might not be getting anywhere. Heaven knows I have some old UFO's and this is a little nudge toward finishing them. :)

I am continuing to lose weight even if it is at a snails pace, LOL. Better SLOW than NO will have to be my new motto. Time flies by and a year has passed by, so if I can lose a good amount of weight in 2006, I'll be a happy, "little" camper!

I love blogging so much more than I thought I would and really enjoy reading many of yours. It's inspiring to see what you're working on and enjoy your different styles of writing. Till next time knitters, blog on!

Regards, Laura


Sharon said...

I love the knapsack, I have never felted anything in my life, it is on my to do list.

All the best with the weight loss, they say that losing it slowly is best as it stays off.

I belong to a group blog called UFOs anonymous, there is a link on my blog, if you are interested come and join us.

And of course last but definately not least, LOVE THE BUTTONS, your blog looks great.

Martha said...

Beautiful knapsack!
And another beautiful blog - am so loving reading your posts. Thanks for sharing yourself w/us.

Dorothy said...

Your bag is beautiful! Carry it proudly! Show it off all you can :)

Mary Anne said...


I love your entrelac backpack. The colours are gorgeous together. Yay for you!

I'm glad to see all your buttons and thingies on the sidebar. Isn't blogging fun. Frustrating at times, but still fun!
warm hugs

Amie said...

Yay! Buttons! Sorry I wasn't any help getting it worked out, but you did it!

Your bag looks great, too!

Kenny said...

OMG!!!! I love that entrelac knap sack! What a gorgeous color combination. They are all very pastel and go together, but not muted. Beautiful. I did one too some time back but it was a bag.

Laura B. said...

Hey Mom,

That bag looks great! Its so professional looking! So proud of how far you have come! I could use one of those! You are quite the expert knitter! And the website is awesome!

Love you,