Thursday, February 16, 2006

One Down & One To Go

Here's the first sock using Opal yarn. I've never knit socks using Opal before but people seem to rave about the comfort and the fact that they wear like iron, so I'll have to see for myself.

I'm still plugging along on the toe up sock and can't believe how many times I've ripped out the short row heel! Is it me or are there at least 3 different interpretations of how to short row a heel that is deep enough and still looks good with no holes? Finally today, I managed to get it done and while it's not looking exactly like I want it to, it's acceptable for my first heel knit using short rows. Now it's on to the leg portion and when I'm finished I'll post a picture. You might think you're seeing the same sock because it's in red also, but with many other colors splashed in, and it's a DK yarn.

In between, I'm starting a cap for my son who requested one when he saw the one I made for my nephew. I'm going to swatch with Cleckheaton Merino supreme, Green Mt. Green from Green Mt. Spinnery, and GGH's Aspen and see which one I think he'll like best. After all, he needs to keep those ears warm when walking the "boys" (the dogs :).

If there is any time left in the day, I'll work on at least one of my UFO's because, after all I do have to clean, cook, sleep, etc. and these things tend to crimp into my knitting time badly, to say nothing of computer time. I'm sure you can all feel my pain, LOL.

I'll leave you with the last verse of a poem which addresses the need to just keep going, so until we meet again, knit on!

"There ain't no use in growlin' And grumblin' all the time, When music's ringin' everywhere And everything's a rhyme. Just keep on smilin' cheerfully If hope is nearly gone, And bristle up and grit your teeth And keep on keepin' on." Anonymous


Sharon said...

Lovely sock, you will not be disappointed with Opal, it wears so well.

Your blog is looking great ;)

JoanM said...

Those socks are really lovely. You are certainly keeping busy

Mary Anne said...


Your Opal sock is beautiful! Hey, who said you have to cook, clean and other stuff? Think of all the time it will take away from your knitting :))

Amie said...

How could you, who gave me my first ball of Opal, not have used it for socks before????

What colorway is that - the pink is adorable! (the knitting is excellent as well....)