Saturday, February 04, 2006

Weather & Knitting

These two pictures give you a fairly nice contrast of what is happening with our weather here and what should be happening, since after all, it is SUPPOSED to be winter time. However, for those of you who absolutely love the warm, spring like weather, I offer you this early taste of spring and summer with the picture taken from our deck in late September. The sky is glorious, no doubt about that and while I don't mind cool spring like weather, I really detest high heat and humidity. My fav is the picture with the snow.........snugged in with a hot cup of tea, a fire blazing in the hearth, and naturally, my knitting. :)
I'm finishing up the foot of the Opal socks I'm knitting and should be finished by next week at the latest, after which I'll post a picture. I've never knit socks using Opal and everyone raves about this yarn for it's comfort and wearability, so I'm anxious to see for myself. Trouble is, I'll only have one sock when I finish.........why oh why didn't I remember to knit the second sock first and avoid this frustration? (wink)
Also on my last row of squares for the entrelac knapsack. It is turning out so gorgeous that I almost hate to felt it, but that's what I need to do if I'm going to use it to carry things with me. I'm so proud of learning this technique because it's a tricky one and takes major concentration until one gets the hang of it. I put it down for quite a long time and when I attempted to get started again, I had to re-learn all over. That'll teach me to keep on with only one or two projects at a time so that I not only finish them, but I remember where I am and how I'm doing it!
I just got a new printer, scanner, etc. and it does great things so I have to play around with it and learn how to use it to it's full capacity and then I can scan some of my real photos as well as put some here online and in my photo album online. It's neat to get a new piece of equipment for the computer but at the same time it reminds me how little I really's a constant learning experience but keeps me thinking which is always a good thing.
I'll sign off for now and wish all of you peace, joy, and good knitting.


Martha said...

I agree w/your take on the weather where you & I live.
Congrats on the new computer "toys" - look forward to seeing what you do w/them.

Sharon said...

Hi Laura I have replied to your PM over at knitters review, I asked for your blog link as it wasn't listed but then I found it in a topic on the forum.

I have given you my email address in my reply too if you would like to email me.

Mary Anne said...


yay for the new computer toys! I hope you have lots of fun with them.

Your weather is looking beautiful. I hope you get your Opals socks finished, esp. Sock #2.

Still not sure if you are receiving my emails. I'm writing from my hotmail addy.