Tuesday, March 07, 2006

"March" On!

Here is my version of the Apple Hat.....I was inspired to knit one by looking at the lovely picture on Miss Wooly Knits blog.
I loved the way her hat turned out and decided to try one in some of the yarn I have leftover in my stash. This is Cascade's Quattro and it's great to knit with....wonderful, soft feel but good stitch definition along with the softness.

I plan to knit some baby caps for charity during Lent and this is my first one. The next one is on the needles now and it's a K3, P2 combo using a cream colored bluefaced Leicester. Talk about the ultimate in softness.......I have quite a bit of this yarn and it would make a great sweater, a lovely lacey scarf, and warm, toasty mittens too.......ahh, so many ideas and so little hours in a day.

I'm trying to begin my walking on a daily basis because I NEED to and let me tell you, "it ain't easy", at least not for me. I would much rather be knitting, but it's a must and I have to really push myself to take the time. I find it incredibly boring and I keep looking at my watch to see if it's over yet. :) However, afterward I do feel so much better even after the first day, which by the way, was yesterday. Any motivational tips would be much appreciated.....JennyRaye has already been kind enough to offer some ideas. I wish I had a bike to ride but gave those away when we moved. I know, I know. I could buy another one, right?

This weekend is supposed to be in the 70's and I'm sure this is wonderful news for all you spring and summer lovers. It will be nice to be able to get out though, even if I'm a fall and winter lover myself. March is a good month since this is the month of DH and my anniversary and we always enjoy it. Till next time, be well, be happy, and knit on.

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Mary Anne said...


I love your Apple Hat! lovely colour.

I love walking outdoors and I will share this thought with you - enjoy all the sights and sounds on your walk and be present in the moment. By that I mean don't think about when it will be over but keep your thoughts on your surroundings and what is happening right now. You might be surprised how much more you'll get out of your walks.

I am a fall/winter person too, Laura, especially winter. I cope with spring & summer but really come into my own in Sept. Good to know I am not alone!