Friday, March 31, 2006

One More Time! (I Think)

Here is a picture of some baby caps I've been knitting and yes, crocheting too. I used leftover yarns to make these and really like the way they turned out. Funny thing is, I have crocheted for years but never made too many wearable items, mostly baby blankets, coasters, potholders, etc. but I loved crocheting this hat.....I've come to find out that I miss my crocheting and so I'm on a bit of a tangent right now. I've crocheted several coasters, one turning out nicer than the next one and so on. When I get about 8 or so finished, I'll post a picture for those of you who may like to see them.

Yes, it's happened again.....I've changed my blog layout and colors.....but I have a good reason this time (well, besides the usual which is I get kind of sick of it and have to change it around a bit, :). My good friend, K., after reading my former blog layout, said that she found it difficult to read with the dark colors, so naturally :) I went in and made some good looking changes which took awhile. Trouble was I hit the "delete all edits" button instead of the "preview" and poof, they were gone! Now since I wasn't about to go all through it again, I wisely went to bed and decided to begin again today with a brand new key (sorry, Melanie). My knitting links have faded into the sunset for now, but have no fears, when I have a little more time, I'll get them back on board. Also lost my "Easter egg" and my sweet little birds, but not for good. I think it's safe to say that I'm driven, ever since I began finding out how to make changes here, I've wanted to keep going and changes are NOT something I usually like so much.....go figure!

This is all due to the very able help of Mary Anne, who was the sole reason I began blogging in the first place, being so impressed with her lovely blog and heartfelt writing, and Sharon, who really got me up and runnin', I tell you no lie. She so kindly helped me on so many initial "how to's" and I am indebted to both of these great knitters for their tireless help.

So, till next time, dear knitters, be well, be happy, and knit on!


Dorothy said...

Funny, it was Mary Anne who got me blogging too.
Isn't she great? :)
I have to admit, this version of your blog is easier to read.
Hope you have a good April 1st, may you not be fooled!

Mary Anne said...


I love this colour! Much easier for my fuzzy vision to focus on. Those hats are beautiful, all 3 of them. I see so many lovely crochet patterns now and I'm mightly tempted to try again one day.

Martha said...

Love the new color & the new blog "goodies."

Sharon said...

Wow!! I love the new layout, I never know what I am going to find when I come over here.

Lovely hats too.

Zippianna said...

Lovely hats and I love the color combo of the red and the yellow together. Two thumbs up and... er.... I am stealing one of your buttons right now!