Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Little Variety

Here a few of the different coasters I've crocheted in the last week or so. I like them all but my favorite ones are the one directly in the middle and the 2 bottom left. I like the shape of those for glasses and the nice part is that using the cotton yarns for these, the glasses don't stick to them when wet and nothing goes through to my tables. These always make nice little hostess gifts to take along when visiting someone and people can't get over how usable they are. Everyone asks for more once they have them because they don't use any of their other types after trying these out.

Today I must get back to my knitting though! I've been crocheting hats and a few other items as well and have neglected the knitted items that are begging to be finished at long last. Geez, what a person won't do to procrastinate.....I know I have! :)

I'm going to take more pictures with my digital camera because I need some practice. I don't get everything in the lens or I'm moving the camera a bit and the picture is blurry, etc. I can't seem to get a good angle for my close ups and when I try to zoom in on them, I can't get everything in the shot. I look at some of the marvelous pictures you all take and post on your blogs and they put me to shame. I guess it takes some practice to get to know your camera and what I can and cannot do, however, I promise to try and get clearer, more life like photos in the future.

There isn't a whole lot going on right now so I will close and wish all of you a happy, peaceful week, full of wonderful yarns and great knitting.


Mary Anne said...

your coasters are beautiful! What a nice idea to give them as hostess gifts. I'm sure they would be appreciated. I like all the designs you've made.
Don't worry about quality in your photos. That will come in time. The trick is to take as many pictures as possible, because you don't have to worry about wasting film, etc. Just cancel the ones you don't like and keep shooting until it becomes second nature. Most of all, have fun and play with your camera.

Sharon said...

I love the coasters, especially as I can't crochet.

Dorothy said...

I like your coasters too.

Happy Easter!