Monday, May 08, 2006


Number one of 3 UFO's I'm bound and determined to complete one of these days in the not too distant future. Have I said this before ?.....absolutely, but now it's a must. It's a cotton cardigan using Manos Stria, 100% cotton, which is probably the only sweater I will be able to actually wear for any lenght of time. I get so warm in winter and summer that as much as I love all the wools and yummy wool blends, I can't seem to keep them on very long.....only long enough for a few ooh's and ahh's (my own, naturally, LOL).
I've found though, that I don't particularly like knitting with cottons. They have no elasticity and therefore are hard on the hands after more than a few rows. This yarn is a very soft cotton but it breaks rather easily, even in mid row, which is really frustrating. Presently I have the back completed along with the left front, and one arm so that leaves one more arm and the right front and then it's time to put it all together. Now, here's where I tend to procrastinate quite a bit! Thus far, I haven't sewn too many sweaters so I tend to get to a certain point in the process and then put the garment in my knitting basket not to be picked up again for a year or more. What's up with that, anyway? It's only a sweater and if I make a major mistake, in all likelihood, it can be fixed. Perfection is nice, but it's a myth......lovely, and very good will be my new mantra. :)

This is my Philosopher's Fair Isle cardigan which I'm knitting on circulars and I'm about 8" from completing the WHOLE thing! Trouble is, this has armhole steeks and a steek right down the center front for the cardigan opening. Then I have to pick up for the collar and knit the button bands, which, is something I've never done, so what do I do.............I put it back in the knitting basket, of course, and refuse to look at it, only when forced! This has been to this stage of completion for at least 3 years which as I look at it now, is a crying shame. I've put so much work into this that I really need to get on with it and take my chances. I'll probably look back and wonder what in the world I hesitated for after it's all said and done. Did I mention that I'd only be able to wear this one when the temperature dips below 20 degrees with winds up to 30 miles an hour and snow falling so hard that it's a virtual "white out"?

Finally,(with the help of my able bodied model), I'm still plugging along on the Aran baby blanket and I definitely feel like the "tortoise" rather than the hare on this project. It simply refuses to grow but continues to eat up yarn like there's no tomorrow. Oh well, it will be lovely when it's finished and that's what I continue to tell myself. An abundance of patience is what I need for this and plenty of it. :)
So, until next time dear readers, be well, be happy, and knit on!


Sharon said...

There are some lovely UFOs there, but I especially like the fair isle. I have never 'steeked' before and it would scare me but I would so want to wear it that I would take some deep breaths and just go for it!!!!

I have a ribby cardi that is finished, ends sewn in all it needs is a zipper inserted and it is still in my knitting basket :(

Does your LYS offer finishing, mine does for a small fee, maybe it is worth considering if they do, listen to me I should take my own advice and get them to sew my ribby zipper in!!!

Mary Anne said...

ooooh, those projects would bother me if I couldn't get them done quickly. I guess that's why I knit only small easy projects, but YOU attempt the big stuff and just look how beautiful they will be when you finish. The Aran blanket is gorgeous and so is the fair isle jacket.