Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tomatoes Aplenty :)

This is one of two pots of tomatoes which my husband planted and they are coming in by the bucket load, LOL. One is the cherry tomato variety and the other is an elongated grape like variety. The latter has skin that's a bit tough and we can't figure out why. The cherry tomatoes are luscious with tender skin and sweet enough to taste like candy. There's nothing like a home grown ripe tomato in the summer time, in my humble opinion. I can remember my grandfather loving tomatoes so much that he would eat them like an apple and he didn't worry about the juices running down his chin either! :) One memory of him doing just that stands out in my mind....it was a September day but a very hot one and we had stopped at a park type rest spot on our drive. He took a tomato from our bag and stood by the trash can eating it while it seemed as though every bee in that place circled around him. Did he mind.....not in the least! He just merrily ate away till he could eat no more, threw the rest in the trash and away we went. Funny, how I can remember it plainly in my mind's eye to this day.

I am still working on the lap blanket for my Mom for Christmas. I can write that here because she doesn't have access to a computer so she won't know what I'm working on unless I tell her personally. I finished the pair of socks (pictured in my last post) for her and forgot to mention that the reason the toes are a different color is because I ran out of yarn and couldn't for the life of me, find the remaining skeins which I know I have but just don't know where they went to. I'm fairly organized so this is still a dilemma which to date has not been solved.
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Also working on the Aran baby blanket which grows slower than I lost weight and let me tell you that's mighty slow. My sweet daughter announced to us that she and her husband are expecting again the end of February so I WILL complete this blanket for our new grandbaby which I'm predicting will be another girl although I'd love a grandson. I think my daughter would love having a boy and seeing all the differences in raising boys......I know I did. :)

So it goes and I'm still plugging away with my walking regimen and my low sugar, healthier way of eating. I feel thinner but hesitate to weigh myself for fear of sabotaging my efforts with a slight or "horror of horrors", no weight loss. I think I'll wait till my regular check up in Sept. as you see below to actually find out my current weight and thus the immense loss..........okay, how about the moderate loss?

Till next time dear knitters, be safe, be happy, and knit on!


Joanna said...

Laura, we have even MORE in common than you thought!

I just found out my daughter will have a baby (#3) in March! At least you have a blanket started ..... I don't know what to do first ..... a quilt, a Christmas stocking, a hat .... ha ha ha. I just pray for a healthy baby (she has one of each already) and I will add a prayer for you to have a grandson, it is great having one of each!

....I am ALWAYS losing yarn too, and I "Think" I am organized as heck.

On the weight front - I am no where either to my way of looking, though friends say my face is thinner. LOL. I don't worry about my FACE!

I have found this site which I joined (free) .... it tracks weight, activity, the foods you eat, and even analyizes recipes for you. Very handy tool. http://www.calorie-count.com/.

Making tomato and feta salad today for my spinning group.

Sharon said...

I love tomatoes straight from the garden, they taste so much nicer than store bought ones.

Great news about becoming a grandmother again, that will definately motivate you to finish the baby blanket.

Dorothy said...

That's a nice looking tomatoe crop!! We have a tomatoe plant that has 3 on it right now - and no one in our family likes them :)

Congrats on the new grandchild on the way!

Joanna said...

Laura, if you are walking you are creating muscle, and muscle weights more than fat ..... so you may be losing inches and not pounds. Be sure and measure (I know ugh) too and check that for changes.

The cream colored baby blanket is wonderfu. I have cable fear ..... must conquer .....

Off to a yarn sale, trying to be VERY cautious and not buy what I will not knit up ....