Friday, August 25, 2006

Ahh, The Life!

Here's the Bunny boy sprawled out in all his glory with that "aren't I adorable" look on his face. Yeah, he's got it rough along with his sister who's pictured below. She just wants to know, "what's for dinner, Ma" and she's a happy camper. These two sweeties are more like dogs with the constant companionship they give us.....the boy is all Mommy's and the girlsy is all Dad's. They follow each of us respectively, from room to room and they never hesitate to let us know just what they want and when they want it. If we've been out, they are right at the door waiting to greet us and yes, okay, I admit it, we spoil them, but what's a Mom and Dad to do, I ask you.

I've been contemplating having a contest in the near future to guess the exact time and day on which I'll reach my walking goal of 150 miles. My exercise ticker is at the bottom of this page. I've entered some other knitting related contests and they've been fun. The prize will be fiber related with a few extra goodies thrown in for good measure. I'm figuring I'll open the contest somewhere around the halfway mark of 75 miles so check back from time to time if you're interested in participating.
Look at this bright blue sky photo with our palm tree, sparse though it may be. The sky is clear as a bell with a brilliant sunshine, but a bit too hot for me. I love the autumn with it's own beauty, all the colors that spring forth and the crisp, cool air. I'm ready to see the end of this heat and humidity so I say, "bring it on". That's all for now, though I'm knitting away, I just don't have anything completed yet to show you so I wish you all a wonderful weekend with much happiness and good knitting, as always.


Joanna said...

My spoiled kitty is very very vocal, always lets us know when it's time for her humans to have dinner ready, time to go out, time to go to bed! What would be do without our kitties? Yes, she is spoiled, and thinks DH is her PERSONAL servant. Don't feel bad, we all spoil our pets.

Martha said...

Honey bunny,
Love those kitty photos! Are they gorgeous or what, I ask you ^..^
Am so glad that you are walking & getting your exercise. We want you to be healthy & happy & around us on the planet for a long, long time.

Shelley said...

Your kitties are so cute!

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

The kitties are beautiful. They certainly help to make a house a home...and keep it from being boring! : )

Procrastiknitter said...

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