Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Surprises! Yea!!

This is the lovely skein of yarn I won from participating in Basil & Abner's Pet Charity Drive. It's a handspun 100% wool from Midnight Sky Fibers. I love the colors in this and can't wait to try my hand at something with it. Thanks so much to Rebekah who is Basil & Abner's Mommy and who gave so generously of her time and effort to collect all the blankets, toys, etc. for the abandoned pets at shelters in her area.

I've been busy knitting all of my UFO's and the new project as well, which cannot be named in the event my son or his fiancee just happen to read my blog.....yes, I know that's a long shot, but I don't want to take any chances. :)
My mission (should I choose to accept it, of course) is to finally finish the Aran baby blanket before Christmas gets here. Heaven knows, I should be able to accomplish that and finally have this completed....geez, it's only taken me roughly 2 years!

Yesterday I was treated to the most delicious birthday lunch at a lovely, scenic restaurant with my best bud, Kay! We had such a great time as always, never at a loss for words, heaven forbid.
My birthday isn't until next week but I start celebrating early as all of my friends and family know.....don't you just love birthdays, especially your own.....I know I do! She also gave me this pretty Thomas Kincade mug and some candles to set the mood as I knit and sip my hot tea.....oooh, can't wait till it gets colder because then I can really snug in with some of my larger knit projects and be cool, cool, cool while I sip my tea and knit. Yeah, I know it's a dirty job folks, but somebody's got to do it and I'm volunteering.

So, that's about it for now and I wish all of you dear readers a good week filled with all your favorite things and may you find kindness as you go.


Joanna said...

Well Happy Birthday a tad early! I like the idea of celebrating early myself! The yarn you won is beautiful, I'll be waiting to see what you make of it, or what it tells you it needs to be.

Mary Anne said...

Yay Laura,
for the beautiful yarn win and for celebrating your birthday early! I love birthdays, my included, and tend to celebrate the whole month of November :)

Sharon said...

Happy 'early' birthday Laura what is the exact date? Janelles is on the 26th and boy has she been constantly reminding us.

Lovely yarn and I am sure you will create something lovely with it.

Laura said...


My exact day is the 21st and yes, I've been reminding everyone in my family too, even though they say they don't need my reminders, LOL.

Carrie K said...

Oooh, Congrats, Laura on the Basil & Abner win! And contribution

And Happy Birthday!