Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sweltering August

Ahh, yes the frigid blast of cold, clear, clean air is like nothing else for pure invigoration.....the winters put the swing back in my step and I love winters best of all. There's pretty much nothing I don't like about cold weather.... snuggling in next to a roaring fire with a pot of hot tea and my knitting, the wind howling outside, the darkness setting in around 5:30 p.m., the beauty of a winter white blanket of snow at night with the full moon shining on it, it's all good, but I digress!
I need to snap myself back to the present reality of heat indexes of 105 and up, low energy (both my own and the local electricity providers), food gone bad way too soon, can't even consider going anywhere that doesn't have air conditioning, and feeling very sad for those who cannot afford it and are literally unable to tolerate this intense heat and humidity. What can you do to cool off when you're feeling like a piece of bacon on a griddle? It's so much easier to warm up than it is to cool down and I heard on the news a few days ago that more people die from the heat than from the cold, so to me, (which I'm sure you've already noticed), it's not my thing....end of rant as I climb down off my "weather" related soapbox.
Bernie kindly stepped in and pointed me to a very helpful site, Thur's.
If you need any help this site is a great place to start. Bernie also gave me extra hand holding while I plodded my way through to what you see thus far, but all in all, I think it looks pretty good, what about you?

As for my knitting content, I don't really have all that much but my continuing work on the Aran baby blanket, the Opal socks, and the lap blanket. I need to finish one of those before I pick up yet, another unfinished object (UFO) of mine languishing in a lovely yarn basket in one of my closets. So, this is about it for now and I wish all of you a long cool drink in the a/c with a good book or a great knitting project clicking away on your needles.

"Fame never comes to the loafers and sitters,
Life's full of knots in a shifting disguise;
Fate only picks on the cowards and quitters,
So give 'em both barrels---and aim for the eyes.
Grantland Rice


craftybernie said...

Yay You!!!

Dorothy said...

The blog is looking nice! I'm proud of you for being able to make changes so often - I'm too scared to try much :)

Mary Anne said...


you adventurous soul. I'm proud of you for stepping out and making changes so bravely. For some reason I have difficulty reading blogs with stuff on both left and right sides of their posts. I think it may be due to the ongoing dizziness/vertigo. It looks very nice though.

I hope your temps. cool down soon. I am a winter baby and it's always been my favourite season of the year. Can't wait.

Joaquim Amândio Santos said...


Greatings from Portugal!

Joanna said...

Well, I like the new look - as you know I am a fan of Thur too - love the triple column look! I too love winter (my DH hates it) and am sitting here just like that bacon on the griddle, .... I so identify with not likeing heat!

We are blessed to have AC ..... but I still don't feel like knitting anything .... just spinning a bit here and there ....

JennyRaye said...

First, thanks so much for stopping by my net home with birthday wishes :o)

The sprucing up you've done looks great. Love the little rotating fan.

I am so with you in your opinion of summer. I have never liked summer. I can remember as a child sleeping in my window just trying to get a bit of cool air. Now--I just stay in with my a/c cranked. Saturday was a nice break, but we're back in the frying pan again.

Yep, I love birthdays, especially when they are as nice as the one I had on Friday. What a great day!

Hope I remember yours on the 21st. If not, here is a way early Happy Birthday to cover me ;o)

Sharon said...

You have been at it again haven't you?? You are brave, very brave!!

I never complain about winter because as you described it tea, fires and knitting perfect. Even though I feel the cold I find it easier to get warm than cool down.

Debi said...

I enjoyed your blog!!!

Have a blessed day!