Friday, September 15, 2006

Summer's Harvest

Rosemary and Sage, however, only Basil. I did a search for the best way to freeze our herbs for optimum flavor and found a great website with just the info I was looking for.....thanks, KALYN . The jar holds the basil which really reduces itself once you add the olive oil and pulse it in the food processor. The rosemary and thyme just get washed, dryed, and put it the freezer and when completely frozen, I'll take off all the leaves and voila! Herbs all year long fresh from our own garden. It's a good thing, isn't that right, Martha? So, if you're interested in doing the same, check out Kalyns Kitchen blog for all sorts of info and good recipes too.
As for the peppers, I'm going to roast them, drizzle with olive oil, add minced garlic and refrigerate them to enjoy with a nice french bread.....ooooh, I'm getting hungry already.
On the knitting front (well, actually the crocheting front), I finally completed the lap blanket for my Mom for Christmas. It was a labor of love because when I was originally near completion, I found a "hole" (can you believe) which seemed to spring out of nowhere, very close to the beginning. Now, I checked this blanket frequently as I crocheted for any signs of trouble so that I would only have to rip back a minimal amount. I have no idea where the offender came from, but come it did, and I was forced to rip all the way back and trust me, it was a long way, and begin anew. I know my Mom will love this because her legs get cold during the winter and currently she's using a lap robe I crocheted for my dear Grandmother. It was lovely but through wear and tear, it's seen it's day and besides, the new one is a wool blend which will keep her much more toasty on those cold (please, hurry) days. Here is a picture of the completed blanket.

Tonight we're having an Artisan show in our neigborhood and I'll be displaying some of my knitting and crocheting along with others. Some will be selling their hand crafted items but I am just displaying. I don't think there will be any judging for prizes, etc. but if there is, I'll keep you posted. In any event, it's fun to have others see your creations. So, I wish you all, dear readers, a lovely weekend, filled with faith, hope, charity, and of course, YARN. 

"Success is the sum of small efforts,
Repeated day in and day out,
With never a thought of frustration,
With never a moment of doubt,
Whatever your cherished ambition,
Begin now to make it come true,
Through efforts, repeated, untiring,
Plus faith in the thing that you do."

Florence Taylor


Mary Anne said...


your crocheted lap blanket is beautiful! I love the colour you chose and I'm sure your mom will be delighted with her warm blanket.

Is your weather still warm? We are having cool days and cold nights here in BC. Very autumnish weather now.

Kalyn said...

Hi, I'm glad you liked my info on freezing your herbs. Thanks for mentioning my blog.

Joanna said...

Your Mom will love that blanket, and think of you every time she snuggles into it!

Thanks for the link to Katyln's Herb Blogging, my Basil is about gone, but next year I will know this trick. I guess I will harvest some of my Rosemary, Thyme and Oregano, I thought it might just stay all winter here .... maybe just the plant?

You are making good progress getting your gifts done! Good luck at the Artisan show. It is always fun to see what others are doing.

Joanna said...

Just a quick question, you say 'washed and dryed" - do you mean air dried, like on paper towels, or dehydrated?

Sharon said...

Those peppers look so good, yum!!

The rug is lovely, your mum will be nice and warm now. Great persistence, many would have shelved the project after finding the hole.

I read about your ebay Christmas booklet disappointment. Have you heard of Jean Greenhowe? I think she is more well known here and in the UK than in the states, she has a Christmas book which has some great ornaments as well as toys.