Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Getting Organized

Is it just me or is life getting busier and busier? In this age of computer technology and all the 'easier' things we're supposed to be able to do with it, I'm finding that there just aren't enough hours in the day to get the half of what I need to do completed. I've been remiss with my blog posting because there just isn't enough time in most days to keep up with it the way I'd like to. Our age is a very stressful one in my humble opinion and there always seems like more to do, not less. That said, I am posting today whether or not I've had time to take and upload pictures of my WIP's. I figure if I wait until I have my pictures uploaded to post, it'll be at least another week, so here I am, sans pictures!

I've been working on a few projects such as the Rowan crocheted afghan and I've completed ab out 25" with another 40 or so to go and I've even done quite a few rows of the 1824 multi-colored cotton afghan in the ripple stitch which is looking very cute. As for knitting, I signed up for 2 classes in the Magic Loop, which is the only method of knitting socks that I can't quite grasp. I've had one class with one to go and so far so good. I've knitted about 7" down the leg and did the picot edge on my cuff (no, naturally I couldn't make it easy on myself and just do a basic rib cuff).
It sure is confusing to get cast on and for the first 6 or so rounds but once you're going you do get a feel for what has to be done to manipulate the long 40" circular needle correctly. However, completing the heel will be the real challenge, so I'll post a pic with my next post and let you know how it went.

I'll even post a completed picture of the 'long awaited' Aran baby blanket. Yes, it''s coming down to the wire now and frankly, I'm thrilled to be nearing the end....not because I haven't enjoyed knitting it but because I'm anxious to have it all ready for my new granddaughter due the end of February, especially since I originally planned it for my first granddaughter 2 years ago! Ahh well, better late than never, isn't that what they say?

On that note, I'll say bye for now and wish all of you joy and peace in the new year!


Joanna said...

I for one can't wait to see the Aran blanket. I have finished (tonight) the wall hanging for my new grandbaby and now on to finish up the quilt top. I have to agree, we all have too much to do and not enough time.

Ps - so glad to inspire you! Lolly will inspire us!

JennyRaye said...

I love your Prairie shawl and owl socks in the previous post. I tried to subscribe to your feed through bloglines, but it says there is no rss feed. Whatever that means. I need to put it in my sidebar so I remember to stop by.

Mary Anne said...

so nice to see you posting, even without photos. I hope you catch up with all you have to do.

Craftybernie said...

Hiya Laura

If you get a chance, can you drop by my blog later? The results are in re the monkey naming competition. :)

Best wishes....Bernie

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Laura, each of your projects sound great. And, yes, I think it's getting busier and busier, too.

Congrats on getting close to finishing the Aran baby blanket.

I hope that you are having a wonderful week!

Martha said...

Sweet Laura,
Yes, life does get busier & busier ^..^ I agree w/you.
Hope your WIPs & your life are treating you well.

Craftybernie said...


Here's my e-mail address:

Perhaps you could e-mail me when you get a chance and we can discuss your prize!

Best wishes...Bernie

zippiknits said...

Laura I love the organization of your blog. It's really different, with three columns so uses the space better and is so logical.

I know what you mean about time. It is so short around here now that I am only going to try to keep up with my two rings and KR. I have a sewing bulletin board I read and love but I'll only get to it when and if I can. I really want to spend more time knitting and spinning this year. I'm joining Progect Spectrum, too.

Anonymous said...

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