Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Love Is In The Air

I've been fairly busy lately, what with my son's wedding (which was a wonderful day) and my knitting, crocheting, and general list of 'have to do's', but then you know how it goes, I'm sure.

I got a little melancholy both at my son's wedding and this past week. I was on the verge of tears all week, every time I thought of him, now married, and no more our little boy. Even though I know each of our kids have to live their own life separate from ours, it's still a bit sad when it actually happens. Life changes all the time and that is the one constant....change! Sometimes I'm good at going with the flow and sometimes I resist. This time I'm not resisting, just remembering, and let me tell you, the time passes so quickly and before we know it our little ones are adults with their own lives to live and that's as it should be, no question.

That said, I must tell you that I truly love the girl he married, which makes this transition so much easier. She makes him very happy as he does her and I know they will have a wonderful life together. His father and I wish them all the happiness their hearts can hold!

I began this post with the thought of posting some knitting pictures and look what happened. I wound up sharing my innermost thoughts and 'fessing up to the tears I shed, happy tears all in all. I have been knitting and crocheting quite a bit this entire week.

I've been working on my baby ripple blanket, the wave ripple blankie for my kitties, and making some lovely coasters as a gift for someone, so I've been keeping busy in the craft department.

Till next time,I'll leave you with a picture of our lovely pink azaleas and wish all of you a happy week with much love and contentment.


Jenny Raye said...

Beautifully said.

zippiknits said...

It's the end of an era.

But it's also the beginning of a new one.

Blessings, Laura.

Joanna said...

Laura, thank you so much for the Birthday greetings. It sounds like your wedding was a joyful time for all, and a time one does lots of remembering. This occasion is just one more you will add to your chain of memories to be thankful for.
Your BSS came out beautiful! I love the colors and contrast and it will be much appreciated I am sure. I'll tell you how I handled the buttonhole issue. I purchased clear buttons, and sewed the "real Button" through the knitting and onto the backer button. I used regular sewing thread, and just pretended that backer button was the fabric. It's something you might try next time. Hope that helps you out.

Once again, thanks for the kind words, it's nice to hear from blogger friends!

Mary Anne said...

it's a new transition for your son and yourself, plus you've gained a beautiful daughter-in-law. You will have more happy memories in the future.