Monday, June 04, 2007

Summer Knitting

I've been knitting here and there trying to keep the bigger projects for later on in the early fall. Here is a shawlette I've begun using a size 9 needle and Euroflax linen in a deep purple color, which I'm not sure you can see properly in the picture.

I'm using a pattern designed by Judy Pascale called the Simply Garter Shapely Shawlette and I'm planning on knitting it to be a bit longer than she calls for in the pattern since I am 5' 7" tall and I think it'll look like I ran out of yarn if I stop too soon. This is the first time I'm knitting with linen and to be honest it's not very soft to work with, however, after awhile I've become used to it so it doesn't feel as stiff as when I first began. Everyone who has used Euroflax assures me that with each successive washing it gets softer and softer and is a delight to wear. They also tell me it's so cool which is right up my alley. Here are a pair of baby socks knit on a size 2 using Brown Sheep cotton fleece. I knit these for my newest sweetie pie, Anna and I know she'll have toasty feet when she has these on.
As for other WIP's they are all crocheted items which you can view on my crochet blog by clicking on the link at the top of my sidebar if you'd like to see them. I keep seeing so many things I'd like to begin and it's really tough to keep myself down to 3 or 4 things to work on. I know from past experience that if I begin too many new projects none of them will get done for quite some time. So this way, I only begin a new item when I've finished up at least one of my current ones. It's a plan which takes some discipline for me and sometimes I wish I was of the mindset of so many knitters who only work on ONE thing at a time and when that's done, they go on to ONE more thing, etc. but it's just not me.......I'd get bored out of my mind with that one thing, so I'm trying to compensate and keep the WIP's down to a dull roar.
Having said all that (whew), I almost forgot to include this picture of a pair of Regia Cotton socks in 'surf' color which I'm knitting on two circs, two at a time. Hopefully I can keep this pair, because everytime I'm knitting socks one of my family members ooh's and ahh's and I cave in and give them the pair when I'm finished.

Well, I've said enough for now, so I'll bid you adieu until next time dear readers as I leave you with this thought.

"This above all:
To thine own self be true!"


Mary Anne said...

hey, you have been busy with your knitting and crocheting projects! I like the shapely shawlette and the colour choice you are knitting. Those little pink socks are adorable. I am so impressed you can knit two socks at a time on two circs!

Joanna said...

I love the sound of the linen, I too hear it gets softer and softer, though I have never knit (or seen it for that matter) it. I do hope you keep this pair of socks, they look like they will be lovely!

Anonymous said...


Annie will adore her socks!!! We can't wait to put it on her cute little toesies! They're adorable!!

Love ya,

Johnny & Laura

JoanM said...

Wow, you are soo busy. How do you do all those things? I think the shawl will work out really nicely.

Jenny Raye said...

I wind up giving socks away all the time. It makes your heart feel good, but the feet stay cold.