Monday, July 16, 2007

Here's What's Left!

This is what's left AFTER 'baby bunny' got done with his meals (all three per day, mind you). Yes, can you believe that this plant looked much like this one in the beginning.......before 'baby bunny' set his sights on it's just a shell of it's former self. The brazeness of that little bugger and right in plain view too, without so much as a thought of "geez, I'm scared, what if someone sees me'"! Ahh well, these are some of the pitfalls of gardening, I guess, but just the same, it's not fun to watch a beautiful plant be stripped of it's color, one
branch at a time, and this is for you,'baby b':

along with go away and stay away you naughty bunny!

Okay, now that I have that out of my system, I can get down to some knitting content. I'm making some progress on my linen shawl (but with the new beta template, I can't seem to get my former % bars on here) as it's now about double the size of the picture below. I had to change from a 24" circular to a 40" one with all the stitches that are currently on the needle. This gets very wide as you go along and by the time I'm finishing up, the shawl will be all scunched up in order to fit. I guess as I knit it, about halfway through the row, I can then check for any gaping holes, etc.

I began knitting the shawl for Moi, but as I knit along I can see this being just perfect forsomeone in my family who will go unnamed for the moment, just in case she's reading my blog. I know I said it's for me, but all of you knitters out there, know how that goes. I very rarely wind up keeping anything for myself in the final analysis, but it's good to know that I can make someone happy to receive something I've created with my own two hands. So, until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful week with many fiber creations and much joy.

"Beyond all mystery is the mercy of God." Abraham J. Heschel


Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Wow! That bunny really had a HUGE appetite!

Your garden pictures are beautiful!

Mary Anne said...

naughty bunny! they are so cute though, and hungry. Your garden is looking beautiful, in spite of the critters with appetites. I understand about giving away finished items instead of keeping them, Laura. Your shawl sounds lovely.

Lisa said...

I love your blogs!! The little bunny is so adorable!! WE get all kinds of wildlife out here too...I love it.

Your projects look great by the way...It's nice to do something for yourself every now and then, istn' it?


Anonymous said...


Yes that bunny certainly ate your petunia plant. They're getting to our hostas too! The bunny ate all the leaves off. Your knitting pictures are beautiful!