Thursday, August 02, 2007

I Do Love August!!

This is my favorite month for one reason only and it's a selfish one, at that, but ask me if I care, and my answer is absolutely NOT. As you can see, this is my birthday month and I always look forward to it regardless of my age....or perhaps now, in spite of it! I don't like the heat of the summer one bit but I manage quite well thanks to my trusty AC, which I don't know how my mother, grandmother, etc. managed to survive without .....especially when you get hotter than a firecracker at the drop of a hat, so all I can say is bless their hearts!

Our garden is coming along quite nicely and if the truth be told, a bit too quickly as far as herbs are concerned. I have sooo many of them and need to use them as well as give a good many away......any of my family members or friends reading this, just holler and I'll give you some next time we get together. Here are a few pics of them, pepperming, english thyme, and basil and parsely.

We're also getting some delicious tomatoes now and we've had at least 10 crisp, tasty cucumbers, along with some wonderful green peppers. I absolutely love eating a homegrown tomato and often times just eat it like a piece of fruit because they're that sweet and tasty.....yummy!

Above you can see some of the yarns I just got yesterday. Now, I know I said no more yarn for this over zealous yarn fiend, but, here's the thing, and a head's up for all of my knitting pals out there: Jaeger is discontinuing all of it's yarn lines---yes, you read it right---very soon, Jaeger will be no more! So, if I don't get a few of my favs now, I will wish I had when they're no longer available anywhere. I love Jaeger yarns! I've never been disappointed with any of the yarns I've purchased from them and now it's all coming to an end. Why is it that the best things in life seem to end way too soon and the "okays" linger on forever?

I guess that's it for today, friends, so on that note, I'll say bye for now and wish you a wonderful weekend with your favorite things to do and favorite people too!


Mary Anne said...

Happy Birthday, dear Laura! I hope it's the best year ever for you. I'm glad you are having a good garden year with the veggies.

Jenny Raye said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Mine was Saturday, but we were away, so I didn't even blog about it.