Friday, October 05, 2007

Ravelry is Addictive!

I was finally invited to Ravelry on the 29th of September and that's where I've been spending most (oh, okay then, all) of my online time! Wow, a person can lose their whole afternoon and/or their entire day on that site.....the input alone is enough to boggle the mind, let alone the sheer computer capabilities of the site! I'm so impressed with the whole thing in general and the opportunity to link to a specific yarn, a finished object in the same yarn as I'm using, others WIP's as well as their finished projects! It's all too wonderful for words for us knitters and crocheters, believe me. I'm so glad I finally got in since it's been what's seemed like a very long wait, although that's just because others sent their requests to join sooner.....they were the clever ones. The people who thought Ravelry up are to be commended for their computer savvy and their desire to share this wonderful place with knitters from all around the world. I have no affiliation other than being a member and I couldn't be happier!
I'm finally making some progress with my Regia Surf socks....good Lord, these are going slow.....tortoise slow......and I'm knitting them with size 2 circs so it's not like the needles are zeros or ones...I guess I'll just keep going and going, just like the energizer bunny!
I'm still plugging away on my linen shawl which is another project that continues to eat yarn like there's no tomorrow and somehow manages NOT to grow any bigger!!!! I'm not even through the first skein yet (almost), then there's another full skein to go...ACK!!


teeweewonders said...

Oh gosh, I am so scared of getting let in to Ravelry, as I'm quite capable of wasting ample time on the net without this added WONDERFUL distraction!
Hurry up Ravelry - I can't wait!

Geraldine said...

Your shawl is lovely! Love your header too, very eye-catching. FOund my way here, via Miss Woolly Knits, glad I stopped in.

Mary Anne said...

your socks are gorgeous! I love those colours. The shawl is quite pretty too. I'm in Ravelry and I love it. What is your name on the site? I'll have to look you up. I'm misswoollyknits.