Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Organization Complete!

Along with my handy (albeit, relaxing on the job) dandy assistant, it only took me about 10 days to complete the daunting task of finding out exactly what yarns I have plus how much of each, donating those that I know I won't use, and finally neatening it all up and getting some labeling so that I know where said yarns are. Now, when I go to begin a new project I can truly begin to use up my stash yarn knowing full well that I must have an appropriate fiber for my project, whatever it may be! Geez, how did I get so much, and whatever made me think I could knit this all up in one lifetime?
The picture above is, as it turns out, an incomplete picture of my current knitting bag collection. I discovered 4 more that didn't make into the pic. Do I ever need to buy a new knitting bag, no matter how cute it is, absolutely not!


Jenny Raye said...

Good work! Feels good doesn't it?

teeweewonders said...

WOW - that's one heck of a project! Well done you - and SIGH, I so can't wait to be on Ravelry!

Joanna said...

Boy you need to come to my house and help! What is your Ravelry name?