Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Organizing Stash Yarns, etc.

Oh my goodness....what an eye opener to go through your stash one container at a time and get hit in the face with REALITY! I have way too much yarn to ever use up in my lifetime  I think I ought to add that what you see in the picture above is only about 1/2 of the total and I took the picture 'after the organizing'. Since I was on the reality quest to see what I actually own, I figured I might as well take a look at all the knitting/crochet bags I own and geez, how can I ever think again that "I need that bag" when I see something in my LYS or online? I have plenty and I'm running out of room for all of my collection, both yarn and bags. My one, not so big closet is overflowing with yarn bins, bags, etc. and therefore has very little room for clothes.  Ahhh, if only there was more time in the day.

I'm still not finished with the clean-up and probably wouldn't have even begun this were it not for finally getting into Ravelry, a place for yarn inventory, needles, gadgets, books, and all things fiber related. It's a great place to catalog all your investments and it's also pretty nice to know that there are many people who have far more books, bags, and yarn that I do!


Mary Anne said...

Your yarn stash looks good to me. As long as you are happy with what you have, it's not a problem, I don't think.
Ravelry is a great place, isn't it. I'm learning so much there.

Kathy said...

Hi Laura,

Your stash looks so nicely organized. I should probably do that, but it would probably be just too "eye-opening"...ignorance is bliss in my book!

Your bag collection is beautiful!

We have been on vacation, and I am just trying to catch up on things.

What is your Ralvery name? I am
KathyInIowa. I would like to snag you as a friend, if that's ok.