Friday, October 26, 2007


I'm making very slow progress on the Surf socks, but progress, nonetheless, right? I enjoyknitting with this yarn (Regia) and I'musing size 2 needles. The decision to continue in ribbing was made at the last minute because the rib makes my socks stay up better ever though it's a pain to knit. In the end I'll be glad I did, so onward. These are in the very beginning stages as you can see (and yes, I did have the nerve to start another pair, when I certainly didn't need one). I'm going to try out a pattern from Simply Sensational Socks, the baby cable rib. I hope once I get past the leg, I don't wind up misunderstanding these directions because I don't seem to have much luck using this book. I know others rave about it, but since there are approximately 4 pages of errata on SSS at last count, it could wind up being a bit dicey. If that's the case, I will switch to a tried and true heel pattern from one of my other books. I am still plodding away on the linen shawl and making scant progress. I would like to finish it to get it out of the way and clear the road for finally completing my Fair Isle cardigan.....I MUST finish this baby and I MUST do it this more procrastination. You heard it here, so keep me honest and bug me about this sweater, please.


Kathy said...

I have a pair of socks from Regia Surf, and they are some of my favorites. Just a plain jane sock - with ribbing.

I didn't realize there were that many errors in the Sensational socks books. I have both books, but actually have never used them.

The Fair Isle looks fantastic!


Jenny Raye said...

Socks! Love the socks. I'm stuck in sweaterville.

Mary Anne said...

Beautiful socks, Laura, both pairs. I'm sure you will finish the fair isle cardigan soon.

JoanM said...

Hi Laura,
Thanks for the visit. I must update again.
I am a bit like you, lots in the pipeline. I love the socks though, and the fair isle is stunning

zippiknits said...

Waves from Shawlsville, as, from the rafters, the Specter of the Drops Aran sweater howls for attention.

I've promised myself only socks,hats, and gloves to knit after these two garments are done. I'm through with big projects that suck out a brain with their massive amounts of stitches and multiple charts.