Saturday, November 10, 2007

Christmas is Close!

Can you believe how close the holidays are and how quickly they've rolled around, or is it just me? Time flies anymore and no matter how often I've told myself that this is the year I'm going to be ready early and this is the year I'm going to be very organized, it just doesn't seem to pan out! It's like time is looking me in the face and going:
So, I'm furiously knitting a Christmas stocking for my granddaughter and having all sorts of problems with the stranding showing through. It's either that, or I'm being especially picky. I know it's a Christmas stocking that will only appear for a couple of weeks each year and no one else is going to look over it with a magnifying glass to check for colors bleeding through, but I just want it to be (uh-oh, here it comes) "perfect" for her. There's a word that typifies my Type A personality and I have to work on minimizing the need for perfection every day. Only our dear Lord is perfect and while I know that in my heart, my head says things like, "oh, come on now, you can do better than should be flawless". So, I pushed on and let the colors show through where they may, all the while trying hard for them NOT to, LOL.

I also pulled out a long ago stored WIP which is a cabled sweater using Jaeger Chamonix yarn (sadly discontinued) and after some time spent figuring out which row I was on (my row counter mysteriously disappeared) I am knitting it once again. The picture makes the yarn look like a medium brownish color but it's actually a semi-deep purple called Biarritz. This is the back only, so I still have a front and 2 sleeves, dang it!


Kathy said...

Hi Laura,

I am sure your "Anna" will love her stocking, even if grandma does not think it's quite "Perfect". I bet it will be in her eyes!! I also am a bit of a I know exactly how you feel. (I think it looks lovely btw.)

The back of the sweater is gorgeous - cables are so beautiful in my opinion.

Yes - the holidays are sneaking right up. I started early with my gifts, but my problem is I keep thinking of additional things I could make.... I will be knitting till Santa falls thru the chimney I fear!

teeweewonders said...

I simply love cable knit. My mum knitted me a beautiful pale blue cable knit jersey when I was a wee girl and I wore it forever!
Cute Xmas stocking. One year I'll knit stockings for all the kids I know. Not sure what year, but one year...

Mary Anne said...

the stocking is delightful and the cable sweater is a gorgeous design and colour.