Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Springtime at my House

Well, it's been busy to say the least around my neck of the woods. What with keeping our home pristine just about every moment, and packing, selling, trashing stuff, it's a full time job which doesn't leave much time for the computer. I have however, managed to squeeze in some knitting (after all, I'm not that driven). Pictured above is one of the two socks I'm mending for my mother. I knit these for her a couple of years ago and the toes were somewhat worn out, so I put a new one in this sock and I'm working on the other one which is almost completed. I don't remember the name of the yarn I used and darn, I usually write them down knowing that in the future I won't remember the knitted details.

This one is the Sockotta sock I pictured in one of my previous posts and I'm down to the heel of the second one, so they should be ready to wear very soon. I think these socks will be perfect for the summer time. I think that will be it for the sock knitting for awhile, but don't hold me to it, just in case. I do need to finish my linen shawl so it can be worn over the spring and summer.

Speaking of springtime, aren't these pink azaleas just lovely....they're right out front and I just wish that they lasted longer than a couple of weeks. The intensity of the colors this spring is unbelievable, maybe because of a good deal of rain.

Okay, so I'm overdoing it a bit, but I can never resist purples, pinks, or reds, so here you go and with that I wish you a happy bloomin' springtime wherever you happen to be. Oh, and one more thing to report, I've finally gotten back to my walking program, which I abandoned in the last few weeks. I needed to kick start the rest of my weight loss goal, so I'm off and 'walking' once again....wish me luck!


Kathy said...

Lovely photos Laura,

I am working at the LYS all week this week and part of next, rather than just my normal Tuesdays. The full time gal is on vacation, and I was stupid, crazy, or whatever....enough to agree to work. I miss my walks. They get quite addictive after awhile. So - think of me when your out there walking away!! Sofee misses them too, so she wishes she could come walk with YOU!

Susan said...

I love red petunias! and all other colors too! I even found some striped ones!