Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another Gorgeous Sunset

I'm posting this to try out some of my blogging capabilities using Flickr. I know I'm just tapping the surface but it's exciting to see what can be done. There's a plethora of opportunities open to me, but I need to study them and see how things work. First of all, I can check out if this post actually goes from here to my blog.

P.S. Houston, it's a GO!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Gaze upon the new swag arrangement we just got for over our fireplace....made by Laurie, who owns a gorgeous gift shop, takes custom orders for wreaths, swags, etc. I gave her the measurements I wanted, the colors, and from there to the above! Kudos to you, dear Laurie, you outdid yourself.

We're mid way through September and it's still blazing hot in my neck of the woods! Ahh well, I'm enjoying it anyhow and as always, looking forward to the crisp and cold weather. Life is good as I sit on both the patio out back and our front porch and gaze out at the beauty of God's creation. Yesterday, I was watching a few birds flying around with their long, graceful wings and it struck me that they just float and soar, and do whatever they want to without ever comparing themselves to another bird of the same species. They are content to be who they are and to fly and soar at their own pace and in their own space, never needing to ask themselves: "am I graceful enough, or am I flying as quickly as my fellow birds". So, it struck me that we should do the same and stop comparing ourselves to this one and that one and many times winding up feeling inferior somehow. It's a no win situation and it's high time that those of us who do this (myself included, of course), start living our lives as genuinely as we can and most importantly, as our OWN GENUINE SELVES, because that's all God asks of us, to just be who we are, and to be that person to the best of OUR ability.

As for my knitting, I did finish the Opal socks for my darling granddaughter and alas, in my haste to give them to her, I forgot to take the requisite pictures.....a fo-pah I will correct when I am over her house next time. They turned out so cute in that bubble gum pink color with flecks or purple, green, and yellow in them. My daughter told me that she wore them to her pre-school the other day and I was thrilled. When the weather gets mighty chilly, she'll surely have toasty, warm tootsies. The adorable yarn cones above are 'wallpaper' freely given by KnitPicks which is such a nice thing to do....isn't it cute?

Monday, September 01, 2008

September & I'm Lovin' It!

Goodbye to August and let's get to the autumn weather as quickly as possible, plueeese! I do detest the summer with the heat and humidity so naturally, I'm a happy camper when it comes to even the slightest hint, which in this case is only the date, that it may be getting cool soon. To me, the scene above is my idea of a great day, so hiss and boo me if you must, but there it is, the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

On the home front, things are moving along quite nicely as we're down to ZERO boxes in the garage which makes my husband a very happy camper since he can now get his car into the garage.....no more parking in the driveway and I haven't seen him this happy over anything is awhile now, believe me. Men and their cars, who knows?

The house is really feeling like our home now rather than just a new place that I'm trying to get used to. This home has a very cozy and restful feeling to it and I love that. I really enjoy coming out onto the front porch with my coffee in the morning and reading a book or just relaxing and watching some of the walkers go by in my own little corner of the world, as my mother always likes to say. Yes, life is good, I am blessed and I thank God every day .

As for knitting content, I have started a pair of Opal socks for my granddaughter who will be 4 on September 7th. They are a really cute pink with splashes of purple, red, and green throughout. She can wear them to school some days since she's going to pre-school 2 half days a week starting next week.....how exciting, but she's growing way too fast. Time, please slow down a bit so we can enjoy her childhood at a more leisurely pace. Pictures of the socks next time, I promise.