Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Projects

I've been working on several smaller projects for gifts such as the hat and mittens set above. Although the colors of the two look entirely different, that just goes to show how pictures can distort the true color of something. They're both knitted from Cascade 220 in a deep red and yet the hat looks much lighter. These are for my soon to be two year old granddaughter to keep her warm as she's such a tiny one and so precious as all three of my sweethearts are, of course!

I'm also in the process of knitting leg warmers for my Mom (who never ventures onto the internet so I'm not spoiling the surprise). I'm using hand spun merino from LaLana and it's in autumnal colors which are really very subtle yet lovely. The first one is about halfway finished and then one more to go and I know she'll be thrilled because she's always looking for a new pair and can never find any that she likes.

As for a few other things, I have my linen shawlette which is a gift for one of my sweethearts out there but since a few of them sometimes read my blog, I can't say who right now. It's a lovely shawl though and I know the recipient will be very happy with it.

I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is one week from today and we all know what that means! Time to start shopping, decorating, wrapping, card sending, and last but not least, cooking and baking. I hope it's nice and cold and even a white Christmas would be soooo welcome this year (at least by me). I always have a safe and snug feeling when the time changes and the cold weather starts to arrive and it's during these few months that I get a lot of knitting and crocheting accomplished.


Mary Anne said...

Beautiful projects, Laura! I'm sure everyone will enjoy their new knits. I especially like the legwarmers. I don't know anyone who wears them though, so I could only knit them for myself. maybe I will ^.^

yes it's that time of year again, yay!

Kathy said...

What nice gifts! I really like Cascade 220. Great yarn. Love the legwarmers....those are totally "my" colors.

Hope you/yours have a nice Thanksgiving!