Monday, December 22, 2008

Almost Time for the Big Day!

Three days till Christmas Eve and four until Christmas Day.....can you believe it? Where has the time gone, I ask the same question every year and each time it seems to have gone faster than the year before. As for my blog posts, there haven't been many of late, but I've been very busy just like all of you out there reading this.

In between all of the shopping, wrapping, cleaning, cooking, card sending, etc., believe it or not, I've found time for some knitting and crocheting. I didn't get to do all I had in the back of my mind to complete, but all in all things turned out quite nicely. Above is another picture of my grandson's stocking which I'm really pleased with. I used Cascade 220 this time rather than an acrylic yarn and it really made a difference in the way the finished stocking looks.

I also completed the leg warmers for my mother as one of her Christmas presents using a hand dyed merino wool from La Lana and I loved the slight marling of the colors in this yarn. It's also very soft and warm which I know she'll like. I'm just hoping they fit her legs because I think I should have used larger sized needles. I knit them on size 6 and if I make another pair, I'll definitely use size 8's.

Finally, I joined a CAL on Ravelry to crochet the 'Divine Hat' and although this proved to be quite a challenge with the front post and back post doubles, it turned out rather nicely in the end and will be adorning someone's head this Christmas (although she will go un-named for now).

Please know that I wish each and every one of you a warm, happy Christmas filled with much love, joy, and good health, and naturally, lots of fiberly goodness in the New Year.


zippiknits said...

Laura, that's a beautiful hat and it doesn't look easy, you are right. It's amazing design.

PA Fiber Artist said...

Hi Laura,

I am a Christian knitter and really like your blog. I hope you don't mind, but I would like to add your blog link to my bloglink section. Please let me know if this is okay with you.

Thank you.