Friday, June 27, 2008

It's Official!

Our home has sold and what a load off our minds that is! The conscious awareness of this fact however, for me is bittersweet because I love this home and will sorely miss living here. We have our reasons for moving and thankfully, our new home is lovely and move in ready so I can picture many ways to make it "our own" and I'm already planning different ways to decorate the rooms as I lie in bed at night.

Selling a home today isn't for the faint hearted, as I mentioned in my last post, because there are zillions of things that have to be done, approved, inspected, stamped, signed, and gone over with a fine tooth comb, wa-a-ay before sitting down at the setttlement table, so the entire process is extremely stressful (ergo, my current mood on the sidebar here). By the time it's all said and done, I swear I could give seminars to future prospective buyers on what 'to do' and what 'not to do'.

First order of MUST keep ALL your ducks in a row as you go through the buying and selling of real estate, make no mistake about it. Otherwise you'll be in a tailspin, unable to find what you need when you need it. Then, you need to know how to show your home to it's greatest advantage and keep it neat and tidy at all times while it's being shown. When it sells, a whole other scenario opens up for you to take control of and it's called: PHONE CALLS to the MAX, getting everything lined up on the appropriate dates and times for your upcoming move, mortgage, electric, phone, internet, water, and the zillions of other things that clamor for your attention.

Now, you may ask, where's the knitting content in this post, and alas, I have absolutely NONE to share with you because I haven't had the time or the energy to pick up my knitting in the last two weeks or better and that behavior will have to stop once we move. However, I do have my linen shawl at the ready for just such moments after the move.

So, I leave you with the peaceful scene above and wish you all good knitting, happy times, and good fortune in your own personal endeavors each day.