Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy New Year!

Once again, the holidays came and went in a flurry of rush, rush, rush, and just like that, they're gone! We took down all of our decorations this past weekend and I do miss seeing our beautiful tree with all of it's lights twinkling, especially in the evenings. On the plus side however, our home looks much less 'cluttered'. I picture myself at this time of the year, with the weather outside looking like the photo above, churning out all sorts of beautiful hand knit and hand crocheted items for those I love, all snug with a steaming hot cup of tea right next to me as I craft the hours away!

I'm in the process of crocheting (yes, no knitting content this time around) 2 baby blankets for my grandchild to be (expected in April). One is a ripple stitch blanket and the other is assorted squares using different, yet similar looking patterns. For the ripple I'm using Red Heart Strata in 'Bambino' (very appropriate, I think), and for the squares I'm using Bernat Baby Chunky in all white so that perhaps my son and his lovely wife might decide to use that one for the christening, who knows, but at least they'll have the option to do so.

My New Year's resolutions are few but I'm the type of person who definitely benefits from sitting down and thinking through which things I want and need to work on and which things don't. I only have a few to mention and they are thusly:

1. Continue on my weight loss journey and in so doing, lose 25 pounds in the upcoming year, which shouldn't be too lofty a goal since that only works out to be a half pound per week and even my sluggish metabolism should be able to pull that off.
2. Get back to Mass on a weekly (preferably daily) basis, and I'm thinking that this resolution should probably be in the #1 spot.
3. Exercise at least 3 times a week without fail and stop making so many excuses not to do so.

So, there they are, just three hopefuls but they're biggies and I will try very hard to live up to each one of them. I wish any of you who read my blog much success with your own resolutions if you make them, and if not, a very happy, healthy year with many rainbows in your future!


Kathy... said...

Good to hear from you. Good luck on those resolutions. I don't even make any.... LOL! But I try to be "good" most of the time. LOL!

zippiknits said...

I love this new look. You have been busy. The two photos are stunningly beautiful. Wow!

Chris said...

Good luck on that weight loss. How is it going. If you excercise 3 times a week, it will boost your metabolism. My mom has that same teapot. I saw one in an antique store probably 10 years ago now and it was marked $95.