Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Time Flies!

I can't believe it's been over a month since I posted here and already February is more than half over! The worst of it is, I have NO knitting content to share with you as I've been crocheting since before Christmas and I'm still at it. Above is a picture of the baby sweater I'm making for my soon to be new grandbaby so if any of my other kids are reading this, MUM is the word until I present it to my daughter in law at her baby shower.

I'm more than halfway finished as this is an older picture so it should be done in about a week, counting the button band, collar, and body finishing. Then I plan to make a little cap to go with it and even though I know it will be large on the little one for now, he/or she can grow into it and get some use out of it. The picture above is before the sleeves were added on so it looks a bit different now. I used a size G hook and Bernat Baby Chunky and I've really enjoyed working with this yarn.

Next up is the baby blanket to go with the sweater set made using the same yarn but a size J hook. I'm crocheting squares and will put it together next week, although I'm not sure just what method I'll use to sew the squares together....any suggestions are welcome. I promise a picture of the completed set as soon as I'm finished for your perusal.

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