Thursday, July 09, 2009


Well, it's official, the Regia 'never ending socks'' have finally ended and I can say that I'm thrilled with them and their sheer comfort, especially with the garter stitch short row heels. One thing about Regia sock yarn is that they wear like iron and always snap back to their original shape after washing and air drying. My next pair will be for my mother for Christmas and they will be made using the same yarn (but in a different colorway this time) that I used to make these for her a few years ago.
This yarn is more of a DK or a light worsted so it's substantially toastier and lofty to wear which keeps my mom's tootsies nice and warm throughout the winter time. She wore the ones in the picture above so often that I had to perform some 'sock surgery' on them as best I could to keep them going for her this past winter.

I'm now working on 2 projects (trying to keep it down to 2 and not beginning anything else until at least 1 is completed). One is a Symbol CAL I'm doing at Ravelry . It's a mystery garment and the purpose is to learn how to read the symbols used in crocheting when the pattern is charted out, rather than using only the written patterns. It is a challenge I needed to take because I usually avoid crochet (or knitting for that matter) symbols like the plague since they have made very little sense to me in the past. Things are going along pretty well though since the gals on the Learn Crochet forum are the best.....always willing and able to answer all sorts of questions and hold our collective cyber hands as we attempt to actually 'get it'.

My other current project is a pullover sweater for my recently born grandson. I'm using Encore yarn so it has some wool but can also be washer and dryer friendly. I'm knitting it in the round from the bottom up and will incorporate some Fair Isle patterning into it, via EZ in her Knitting Workshop series. Starting it off in a medium blue and haven't decided on the other 2 colors I'll use for the patterning yet. Pictures will follow when there is enough done to show you. Until then, knit on and live each and every moment as it unfolds. Life is precious!


Kathy... said...

Nice looking socks! Both pair, but I am especially fond of Regia yarn, like you. They really do wear forever!

Wish I could crochet, as there are so many fun projects out there, but it bothers my wrists too much.

I am anxious to see the baby sure to post a photo to share.

zippiknits said...

I also love regia yarns so tend to buy up too much of it. lol

Your socks are great looking. I love how you have them on stretchers to show them off in pictures. They show up really well.