Thursday, March 04, 2010

Projects Completed & In Progress

 I completed the above hat for my son, Matt, and he loved thing, it will be very warm and he'll really like that when the wind is howling and he's got to shovel snow, which we've been having in abundance, or when he has to walk Mojo, his sweet little chihuahua.  I used Green Mt. Green from Green Mt. Spinnery and a size 7 circular needle till I got close to the top and then switched to dpns.  I used Jared Flood's Turn a Square hat pattern for my number to cast on and for the decreases at the top, but alas, forgot to take a picture of the completed hat in my rush to gift this to him while old man winter was still in town. 


 This is the first ten rows or so of the baby blanket I'm crocheting for my yet to be born grandchild due in late June, early July.  It's Encore in a baby blue and is more vivid in color than this picture actually shows.  I'm adding two other colors to it, white, and a Williamsburg blue so obviously this is the blanket the little one will receive if it's a boy.....I already crocheted a ripple blanket for a girl and put it away last year......yes, every once in awhile, I'm ahead of the game and it's a good feeling.