Friday, February 25, 2011

A New Year & New Projects

I just completed this fingerless mitts using Clara Parkes pattern Maine Morning Mitts from her Book of Yarn.  I had to give the thumb several tries before I came up with a relatively neat ones, but I'm happy with the final resultI used Schoeller & Stahl's Limbo Mexiko.  I made these for myself because lately (and this is a first for me), my hands have been getting very cold at times and they are great to slip on, warm and cozy, yet I'm still able to use my fingers for knitting, reading, etc.

I also got busy and updated my yarn stash on my NeedleTrax software.  Now, that was a major eye opener and thus, I'm on a yarn diet for the remainder of this year and well into next, or as they call it on Ravelry, I'm 'Cold Sheeping' and that's a fact.  I cannot believe I have so much and wonder what in the world I was thinking to continue buying yarn even when I have only two hands, LOL.  I couldn't possibly use it all and I know I've blogged about this in the past but now I'm more serious about ONLY knitting and crocheting from my stash and logging how much yardage I use each year. 

I've decided to use some of it for charity knitting or crocheting because it seems only right to share this excess of fiber.  I totalled up the yardage of everything and can't even get up the courage to list the colossal total here!   So, NO MORE!

My next project is to take a look at the specific yarns I have and make a list of knitted or crocheted gifts I'd like to make for my loved ones this year....perhaps one a month if I can manage it and still whip out a few charity items......we shall see, wish me luck.

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