Sunday, January 01, 2012

A New Page

Since this is the first day of a brand new year (with no mistakes in it, as Anne says to her teacher in Anne of Green Gables), I thought I'd begin it with a new blog post since I've been remiss with my posts this past year.  First of all I want to post the promised pictures of the two completed items made most recently:  a knitted buttonhole scarf for moi, and a crocheted baby blanket for my new grandchild due this year. 

This is the scarf I knit from the yarn and the booklet I won in a 'new motto' contest for an online yarn store.  I really like wearing it (although in my neck of the woods it hasn't been cold enough to do so very often....ugh!).  It's great not to have to tie it or worry that it'll come undone and the color goes with just about everything.

The baby blanket was a joy to crochet once I got the foundation row squared away.  I did have to wind up fudging that row though and then I was off and running.  I still can't figure out why I couldn't get it to work out for me but since I really liked the look of the pattern I wasn't giving up.  I used Vanna's Choice and enjoyed crocheting with it.  It didn't split very often and will be soft enough for the baby and my daughter-in-law can toss it in  the washer and dryer as needed.

 I have 2 grandbabies due in 2012, one in March and one in June and we don't know whether they'll be boys or girls but you can see which I think at least one of them (if not both) will be.  Time will tell but I do already have a baby blanket for a girl done (picture above) so I'm in good shape if one has a boy and one has a girl.  What to do if they both have the same sex though......I guess I need to knit or crochet 2 more.....oh, how I wish the parents would find out what they're having ahead of time, but that's not their choice, so I may have to get to work on new blankets.

As for resolutions for this new year, I have a few and just hope I can see them through.  1.  To continue losing weight and becoming more active.  I've already lost 15 pds. so my next short term goal is another 15 by mid April.   2.  To spend less on impulse buying even for small items because 9 out of 10 times in the past, if I think about it for a couple of days before purchasing I wouldn't buy it more often than not.  3.  Based on my number 2 resolution, I definitely want to save more in this unstable economy.  We've worked too hard not to have enough to live comfortably on so there's no time like the present to begin, no matter how modestly.  They are my goals and I hope to live up to each one of them to the letter.  I wish all of you (if I have any readers of my blog left after my extended absence) a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2012 as well!

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