Friday, July 13, 2012

Overdue Post

Whew, it took way too long to post on my blog and I can't understand why I've neglected this for 6 months, no less.  Well, no promises, because that tends to be the whammy when it comes to fulfilling a blog post more often, at least for me.

Since my last post I've been a busy bee in the baby blanket area.  We've welcomed a new baby granddaughter named Claire in March and a brand new baby grandson named Owen just 4 weeks ago.  They are both so adorable, but most importantly, they are both healthy and happy and for that we are blessed by God.  
I made each of them a blanket and I put a picture of Owen's blankie in my last post if you'd like to take a look.  Below is a pic of Claire's ripple blanket which turned out quite nicely.  
Right now I'm working on another ripple blanket just to stay ahead of the curve, so to speak, and I just began a striped granny blanket with different colors in Stylecraft DK.  For me, it's unusual that I crochet any blankets with a DK but this one looks and feels quite substantial and very soft which is great on both counts.  I don't have enough progress on this one for a picture yet, but I will follow up with one.

As for my resolutions from last post, I've only managed to get another 5 pds. off but I haven't given up by any means.  I didn't gain this weight overnight and so I won't be losing it overnight either.  I have been saving and curtailing spending which is a good thing to be sure and it's been surprisingly easier than I thought.  

I've also been cooking healthier and utilizing Ellie Krieger's cookbook which is chock full of lower fat, but delicious recipes.