Saturday, December 29, 2012

Where Did Christmas Go?

Can you believe Christmas is over already?  It comes so quickly and before you know it, 'whosh' it's over.  My Christmas was wonderful filled with loving family and grandchildren who are still at the age where their enthusiasm hasn't diminished at all and they have that anticipation in their sparkling eyes.  I did manage to take some pictures of missing stockings that I've made in the past but neglected to get pictures of at the time because who knew, so here they are:  I knit this one for my husband way back.

This one was for my darling daughter, Laura, and is the pattern that I seem to have used most often.

This one is for my youngest son, Clint, and the pattern is by far, my favorite.  However, I only have bits and pieces of it left so I'm going to search far and wide to see if I can find it somewhere........if anyone reading my blog recognizes it, please leave me a comment as I would truly appreciate finding it to make another one.

So, I think that's about it for the stockings I've knit, other than the newest one of all which I just completed 3 days before Christmas for my youngest grandson, Owen and here it is:

I'll close wishing anyone who still reads my blog a very happy and healthy 2013 filled with your heart's desires.  I am going to try and post more often here even if the content isn't necessarily all knit related....there's more to say, I'm sure. :)