Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Completion Issues

I finally completed my ongoing and what seemed like forever socks using Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock Yarn which I loved knitting with....very soft yet sturdy and best of all, no knots halfway through a sock.  There is nothing worse than sailing along at a brisk (or at least as brisk as my sock knitting gets) pace only to realize that there's a cursed knot which necessitates re-joining the new piece of yarn.  I always worry that at that point the sock will someday just separate and then it's ladders galore.  The colorway is Bread & Butterflies and it's just my type of colors.  I always tend toward the bright colors with lots of purples, lavenders, light greens, light blues, etc. so this one fit the bill.

I used my pal Kathy's Vanilla Socks pattern which turned out great, one more time. She is so talented and can knit so beautifully.....check out her blog and see some of the beautiful creations she's knit.

As for a few other completions, the pickins' are lean, so to speak.  I don't crank them out like other knitters, apparently, but I did complete a pair of mittens for one of my grandsons and they turned out quite nicely.  I'm not totally satisfied with the thumbs I've knit but hopefully they will get better as time goes on and I try different patterns which have different approaches for the thumb portion.
I'm currently knitting a hat for another grandson but the progress on it isn't a lot just yet.  For the mittens and hat I'm using up leftover yarns and it feels good to get some of these used up.....I have quite a big bag full of different amounts of leftovers so I could go on knitting hats, mittens, etc. for quite some time before even making a dent but I guess many of my fellow knitters out there have the same situation when it comes to leftover yarns.  UPDATED:  I completed the hat, yea!

Right now I'm considering knitting a Christmas stocking for one of my kid's spouses because they've been asking me for one for quite awhile but with 7 grandchildren, I've had plenty of Christmas stockings to knit so perhaps this is the time to surprise a certain someone who will remain nameless for the purposes of this blog.  In the meantime, knit away and have a very happy day!

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