Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer Time, Summer Time

I completed a little 'snuggle' blanket for my 4 year old grandson (his birthday is 6-14). I usually don't make granny blankets especially for the little ones but this yarn seemed to show off it's colors best with the continuous granny, so here it is.
I think he'll like snuggling up with this when he's watching TV or when his Mom or Dad is reading him a story.  It's very soft and completely washer and dryer friendly since that is a must for his busy parents.  I was thrilled to use up all 5 skeins of this yarn ( Bernat's Softee Chunky in Nature's Way color) which has been in my stash for ages.

I also made my mother 2 mug cozies for her morning coffee and afternoon tea drinking.  She loves the fact that they keep her hot drinks hot for much longer than normal.  The first one is knitted in a fingering weight yarn, 90% wool, 10% polyamide (sorry, I didn't keep the ball band to remember the brand and colorway on this one).  I crocheted the base using a crochet pattern for a cozy and from the base up, I improvised the knitting as I went along, using garter stitching, stockinette stitching, and finally ribbing at the top.  
I crocheted this one using Peaches & Cream cotton and following a pattern for the most part.  I did make a few minor changes to the pattern but nothing major.  I figured she would have 2 cozies so she'll always have one at the ready for the times that one or the other is in the washer.

Other than these projects, I am now going to begin a Christmas stocking for my daughter-in-law, Sarah, because it's way overdue.  My son (her husband) has been asking me to make one for her for years but every year I wound up knitting one for a new grandchild so this is the year for Sarah's stocking.  

In addition to that I am re-enforcing the tops and the loops of several of the Christmas stockings I've made over the years beginning in 1975.  I've knitted about 15 stockings in all but only need to re-enforce about 6 so I plan to put I-cord across the tops of each one and then an I-cord loop on each which will make them very strong and long lasting.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Completion, At Last

It's official, the shells baby blanket is complete.  I put 3 rows of single crochet around the edges and then did a row of shells to blend in with the shells in the body of the blanket.

I also crocheted a few mini baskets using patterns from my Ravelry group, which is awesome, by the way.  These baskets are addictive and I'm working on several more to fill with goodies for my Grandchildren's Easter haul.  The girls, especially, love things like this that they can keep their treasures in.
I've started another baby blanket, this one in a blue, light brown, and ecru blend in case my expected new little grandbaby is a boy.  I'm using Bernat Softee Baby Chunky yarn for this one and it's being done in a ripple stitch.  I don't have enough progress to post a picture yet, but I will soon.  

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

A New Year

I don't update as often as I used to but then again, I haven't been doing as much knitting as crocheting these days.  First of all, here's a heart shaped coaster for Valentine's Day which I had a devil of a time with.....the pattern wasn't clear or concise and I ripped this out at least 4 times before finally getting it correct with the help of some of my crochet buddies on Ravelry, which I couldn't do without.

I did however, knit up a couple of these adorable easy knitted bangle bracelets for 2 of my granddaughters who I know will love them.  I'm going to knit 4 more so they each can have 3 and use different colors for each one.  I got the pattern from Ravelry, what else (and did I say how much I love that site)?

I'm making quite a bit of progress with my baby shells blanket.  This picture is not current but you can see what the pattern looks like just the same.  I'm about 1/2 to 3/4 finished now and hopefully when I post again here, the blanket will be completed.  It's actually not for any little wee one in particular but if a certain son and his wife have a baby girl (it's their first, due in late July) then it's theirs.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and I wish all of you (if anyone is still checking out my blog) a happy, healthy, and blessed new year in 2014.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Completion Issues

I finally completed my ongoing and what seemed like forever socks using Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock Yarn which I loved knitting with....very soft yet sturdy and best of all, no knots halfway through a sock.  There is nothing worse than sailing along at a brisk (or at least as brisk as my sock knitting gets) pace only to realize that there's a cursed knot which necessitates re-joining the new piece of yarn.  I always worry that at that point the sock will someday just separate and then it's ladders galore.  The colorway is Bread & Butterflies and it's just my type of colors.  I always tend toward the bright colors with lots of purples, lavenders, light greens, light blues, etc. so this one fit the bill.

I used my pal Kathy's Vanilla Socks pattern which turned out great, one more time. She is so talented and can knit so beautifully.....check out her blog and see some of the beautiful creations she's knit.

As for a few other completions, the pickins' are lean, so to speak.  I don't crank them out like other knitters, apparently, but I did complete a pair of mittens for one of my grandsons and they turned out quite nicely.  I'm not totally satisfied with the thumbs I've knit but hopefully they will get better as time goes on and I try different patterns which have different approaches for the thumb portion.
I'm currently knitting a hat for another grandson but the progress on it isn't a lot just yet.  For the mittens and hat I'm using up leftover yarns and it feels good to get some of these used up.....I have quite a big bag full of different amounts of leftovers so I could go on knitting hats, mittens, etc. for quite some time before even making a dent but I guess many of my fellow knitters out there have the same situation when it comes to leftover yarns.  UPDATED:  I completed the hat, yea!

Right now I'm considering knitting a Christmas stocking for one of my kid's spouses because they've been asking me for one for quite awhile but with 7 grandchildren, I've had plenty of Christmas stockings to knit so perhaps this is the time to surprise a certain someone who will remain nameless for the purposes of this blog.  In the meantime, knit away and have a very happy day!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer Time

Time certainly flies when spring and summer roll around and I've been pretty lax keeping up with my blog.  I have been knitting and crocheting but not as much as I seem to accomplish in the fall and winter months.  I completed sock # 1 using Three Irish Girls fingering hand dyed yarn in the Bread & Butterflies colorway.....it's a joy to knit with.  However, I don't complete my socks quickly.....it's a now and then project so they can take anywhere from 1 to 3 months or more.  I know this must shock those who seem to turn out a pair of socks in 2 to 3 weeks, but that's the unvarnished truth when it comes to my knit socks.

I'm about 1/2 way down the leg portion of sock #2 , so I'm guessing we're looking at completion some time in October, yes, October.  I haven't decided whether these are going to be a Christmas gift or if I'm keeping them for moi yet.

Also, since I'm trying to work on only 2 projects at the same time so as to complete them before moving on to another UFO, it's a bit slow going, as I'm sure my fellow crafters can appreciate.  I have so many unfinished objects and I'm beginning to realize that before I can begin new projects, these items are calling out to me.  Thus, here is my measly progress on my baby shells blanket....I'm finally at the halfway mark so there is a dim light at the end of the tunnel, but I do enjoy crocheting this so that's what I am focused on.  There's about double completed than what is showing in the picture below but I need to take a new picture and put it here.

Otherwise, I've been trying out different crocheted coasters, a weakness of mine.  I love trying out new patterns and hook sizes and yarns and one can never have enough coasters, yes?

Monday, April 15, 2013

Working on Unfinished Knits & Crochets

I recently completed (at long last, that is) my second Opal sock and here is a picture showing you the great colors in this yarn.  I'm giving these to my darling daughter for her birthday in September and I know she'll love slipping them on when the weather turns cooler! ♥
So that frees me to begin finishing some many neglected UFO's.  I began this continuous granny blanket at least 2 years ago and didn't get very far before stashing it away.  I am now working on it once again and plan to complete it this time around.  The yarn is Jaeger's Extra Fine Merino, DK weight and I'm using a size G hook so the progress is a bit slower than usual but very lovely, nonetheless.

I'm also crocheting a baby Shells blanket using Caron's Simply Soft yarn which makes for a very light yet very soft yarn to eventually be next to a baby's delicate skin.  I fell in love with this pattern so I started it about 4 months ago.  This isn't one of my older unfinished projects but I want to complete it so I'll be working on these 2 and post pics of my progress from time to time.

So, until we meet again, be well and be happy and knit (and/or) crochet to your heart's content.